16.07.2019 08h38
Pour célébrer le 75e Anniversaire de la libération de Saint-Lô (18 juillet 1944):
Projection exceptionnelle de D-Day: Normandie 1944 en présence du réalisateur qui répondra aux questions du public après la séance,
le samedi 20 juillet au CineMoViKing (St-Lô) à 19h00

->Attention: la projection sera en 2D.
12.07.2019 06h08
Prochaine occasion pour les estivants de Juno Beach de (re-)découvrir D-Day: Normandie 1944 en 3D:
Dimanche 21 juillet à 16h00 au Cinéma de la Gare de Courseulles!

29.06.2019 10h18
SPECIAL SCREENING at 6:15pm TODAY (Saturday, June 29, 2019) to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the liberation of Cherbourg.
29.06.2019 10h13
Quand Cherbourg devint le port le plus important du monde...
05.06.2019 08h39
"We absolutely need to replace all the outdated polluting systems with clean efficient technologies that are more profitable, that create jobs and economic growth. The goal is not to be eco-logical but simply logical." - Bertrand Piccard Solar Impulse #WorldEnvironmentDay
05.06.2019 08h05

"We absolutely need to replace the outdated polluting systems with #clean efficient #technologies that (...) that create jobs and economic growth. The goal is not to be eco-logical but simply logical." @planetpower @nWave #WorldEnvironmentDay https://youtu.be/kAq0cRRLgME 

04.06.2019 06h50
Lundi 3 juin, Meredith et Tom Brokaw nous ont fait l'immense honneur de leur présence A l'inauguration de la salle de cinéma 3D grand écran de D-Day Experience, Saint Come du Mont. Merci de tout coeur!

On Monday, June 3, we were proud and honored to have Meredith and Tom Brokaw at the launch of the Large Screen 3D theater at D-Day Experience, Saint Come du Mont. Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts.
01.06.2019 11h28
D-DAY: Normandie 1944 + Prendre et Tenir Carentan
A partir d'aujourd'hui / From today
31.05.2019 09h24
Le 75e Anniversaire du Débarquement approche!
31.05.2019 09h17
Breaking news!
We are very pleased and proud to announce that, for the first time, our film is "landing" in the (Giant Screen) Medal of Honor Theater at the National Museum of the Marine Corps (Triangle, VA).
For one week only (at the moment): D-Day: Normandy 1944 will show daily at 3:00 pm June 1 through June 8.
21.03.2019 15h06
One year ago, Planet Power premiered at the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution. A year later, the 3D documentary has received multiple awards and its inspiring message continues to spread in giant screen theaters all across the globe.

Thank you for a wonderful year !
13.03.2019 18h18

Que le film Planet Power @planetpowerfilm puisse aider les jeunes générations à appréhender les enjeux complexes de la transition énergétique, non seulement en France mais dans le monde entier. https://twitter.com/N_Hulot/status/1090566522114899971 …

08.03.2019 11h11

Hey @solarimpulse, you are not alone in your mission to change the world. Support from the next generation is on the way.
#sustainability #renewables #solar #aviation #AvGeek pic.twitter.com/ynlMoZ3IOe

06.03.2019 11h05
Happy birthday to Pascal Vuong, co-director and co-producer of "Planet Power" !
06.03.2019 11h04
25.02.2019 10h08

Se imaginaron volando día y noche sin combustible... para hacer realidad el sueño del vuelo perpetuo. Con @solarimpulse, @bertrandpiccard y André Borschberg lograron lo imposible. Completar un vuelo alrededor del mundo impulsados por energía solar. @planetpowerfilm en #Hemisfèric pic.twitter.com/riVyu6yHxd

21.02.2019 15h31

We were saddened to hear of Toni Myer's passing away. Today, we honor her for her impact on the Giant Screen film industry and thank her for the wonderful legacy she left behind. https://twitter.com/gsca/status/1097975279203598336 …